Working in Digital Media Week 6

Hey hey hey!!

This week’s guest speaker bailed on us so we were asked to watch a video on creative inspiration.

Troika Design Group

Troika specializes in branding for television. The company likes to solve each problem with a project from a unique, creative point of view. When they are taking their images, they use a lot of contrast in the faces and more dramatic lighting to get a dramatic feel. When thinking creatively, the company prefer to think of ideas visually rather than writing them down. According to the workers, Troika is a fun, well oiled machine!

Troika have been involved with with many big name companies such as Fox, ABC, Oxygen, Starz, ESPN and Sportcentre. The agency is based in Hollywood, California. There are 25 people that make up Troika Design Group including designers, animators, producers and editors. It is a collaborative environment in that each group having their own work areas so that they can all work together, no matter the job title.

A primary focus at Troika is ‘Network Branding’. Network branding is when a connection is created between the channel or network and the audience. They do not limit their application of this perspective to graphic design. Troika has recently re-branded the Fox network. When creating new projects, especially for television use, they search through all of the other networks advertising, styles and effects so as they can create a more ground-breaking effect. The passion is to bring brands to life through the best of what design provides, which is a distinct expression of a brand’s position and value.

Kevin’s Korner

I didn’t really take much from watching this video. It is hard to get the information you want from people in this business when it is recorded. I would have liked to ask a few questions as I have an interest in this are of media.

‘Till the next time…


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