Working in Digital Media Week 8

Hey hey hey!!

Unfortunately, this week’s guest speaker canceled on us again…it is just as well that we are not weak minded!

Once again, we were asked to watch a video, not my favourite thing to do but it has to be done…

Simoné Legno

TokiDoki Logo
TokiDoki Logo

Simoné is a designer from Rome, Italy. He is well known for his unique characters and colorful style. His passion has grown into a global brand. Simoné works for TokiDoki. TokiDoki (‘sometimes’ in English) is the Japanese inspired lifestyle brand featuring the designs of Simoné. The company produces apparel and other products using art and iconic characters.


He started by learning Illustrator and then started to use Flash to animate his designs. He set up a personal website to act as a portfolio of sorts and a place to display his art. He also worked freelance doing  jobs for different companies. He was fortunate enough to meet he right people, at the right time and in the right place and everything took off from there.

His main influences come from Japan. In Japan, animation is like showing their real life . He also takes elements of design from Italy. For advise, he says to keep improving everyday. Do not be afraid to be insecure and want yourself to get better and to always be humble because there is always someone better out there.


Kevin’s Korner

This was fantastic, if only we had the opportunity to meet his guy. He started with nothing and now has it all in his hands. Extremely impressive career to date. Watching the video this time was completely different to the last time. There was so much more taken from this. Again, this is the type of work that I would love to get into. Seeing that he uses Adobe Illustrator to create his visions is fantastic because normally you need to know how to use different animating programs to create a figure. This makes it easier for everyone because, in my opinion, Illustrator is a fantastic program and after watching this, it just got a heap load better.

‘Till the next time…


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