Working in Digital Media Week 11

Hey hey hey!!

So this week’s guest speaker is…Fiona Heart!<3! Fiona is involved with Palm Webstore EMEA, which is an e-commerce set up.

Fiona has spent the last 15 years in the Sales and Marketing sectors. Now, Fiona is solely focused on E-commerce.

Palm is a key innovator in smart phones.

Palm Pré

Whilst with Palm, Fiona was required to drive and deliver financial targets and grow revenue, to create loyal and satisfied customers and also to provide market intelligence.

The Palm online store covers 16 countries. Here they sell hand held mobile phone devices and accessories. It also gives the customer the opportunity to contact the business for the likes of bulk orders. They also ensure that the background of the business such as dispatching of orders etc. You also need to be aware of fraud, you should verify the orders placed by contacting the customer.

Laws that control marketing

Data Protection and Privacy Law.

Accessibility – for the visually impaired etc…

CAN-SPAM Act (for use when marketing in the USA)

Brand and Trademark Protection

Contract Law

Online Advertising Law

What generates eStore traffic?

  • Natural Visits
  • Search Engine (85% of people navigate online using a search engine)
  • Word of Mouth

You can also rent webspace on other affiliate websites. You simply pay the affiliate a percentage of commission if a product is sold as a result of this. It is also an idea to set up an email newsletter. This can help inform previous customers of your new products/services or show any offers.

Social media can also be used for marketing. Examples if this are Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube. Here you can post updates once or twice weekly. Keep the design of these pages simple and be clear, you need to keep your target audience in mind.

Kevin’s Korner

Hello! This week’s lecture was brilliant. I learned an awful lot from Fiona. I didn’t realise that we had to adhere to so many laws when running an eStore. It also gave me ideas on how to advertise products. Coincidentally, I am setting up a business with my partner that is going to start out online. Now I know what exactly I need to research to get the business off the ground. I hope to have it set up by the end of the summer (As soon as I am back from traveling). So, I shall keep you up to date with the progress of that.

‘Till the next time…


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