Working in Digital Media Week 7

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This weeks guest speaker is Fiona Kelly from Glimmer Digital Design, which is her own business. Fiona is also part of FLK Studio.

Fiona came in to talk to us about inspiration. There are many places out there that you can draw your inspiration from, all you have to do is know where it is and how to take certain parts and make it your own. Some of the projects she worked on include:

Scooter Island

Fiona done a couple of week research when she was creating this project. She looked at images of Vespas (the bikes) and advertisements for them. She also looked for retro sites for bikes and then looked at style elements.

Scooter Island Header Image
Scooter Island Header Image

Fat Kitty Films

Logo Design

Done her research on fonts and images. She looked up 1950 style fonts, then the styles and the colours. As the name of the company had a cat in it, she looked for pictures of cats and how she could involve this in the logo. Fiona told us that it would be wise to save all of your progress as you go on. Save each different design as this could come in handy later on on a different project.

Fat Kitty Films
Fat Kitty Films

Dublin Gay Theatre Festival

The previous website for the event had dull colours and bad user interface. She looked at other websites and festivals for reference.

Dublin Gay Theatre Festival
Dublin Gay Theatre Festival


Fiona was involved with creating a flash banner ad for the website. banner banner


The clients wanted Fiona to redesign their site using things that they liked.

Some advise that Fiona gave us was to look everywhere for inspiration and do our research relative to the projects that we are working on. She also told us not to really confine ourselves and to learn as much from all programs.

Talent is the desire to practice.

Kevin’s Korner

I absolutely loved this lecture!! I learned a lot from this. Graphic Design is something that I have in mind to work at later on after I complete college. I now know that nothing is really an original, but just pieces of other peoples work cut apart and put back together in their own specific way to make it their own. I hope that we get more guest speakers like this…

‘Till the next time…