Working in Digital Media Week 9

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This week’s guest lecturer is Robbie Ward from BPM Media. The main role of BPN Media is influencing purchases with Digital Media. There are three main sources of influence: Audio, Visual and Interaction.

BPN Media add the name’s of the artists’ and the song titles’ and have them appearing on the screen for the viewers to see. This videos are placed in venues such as Copper Face Jacks, Fitzsimons and The Barge. They also create the text that flows across the screen that can contain messages for people by texting a particular number. Also included in these videos are adverts for restaurants.  They have in-house music channels for these venues that help encourage people to re-visit the business. For example in a restaurant, French music was played on a certain day and the sale of wines from France increased.

Content is King” “Relevance is King”

With in-store music, it is designed to keep the customers in the store as long as possible. All of the music in this case is specifically chosen. The company finds out who the target audience are, how often the visit and when. They then build up a profile on the information that has been received. They also need to know how long each person will be there to influence them.

The Media Environment

  • Audit the media space for example waiting areas
  • The positioning of the screens

Designing Relevant Content

  • 70% of what you buy in a shop is bought when you are in the shop (something you have not planned on buying)
  • People won’t watch it if it is not interesting
  • Information must be kept up to date and it must be available
  • Information must change to the visitors habits
  • Treat the audio with care (Volume)

Some adverts that they are involved with can be seen on the window of any Centra type shop. Buy a cup of coffee now and get 20% off, or buy me in the next half hour and get 5% of!

Making It Easy For The Customer

  1. Make the message clear for the customer
  2. Always try to have it in the line of sight, at eye level and audio cover
  3. High clarity of visual and audio

Delivering A Measurable Return

Customers are media savvy and makes them more critical.

Kevin’s Korner

Roll up, Roll up!! Welcome back! Today’s lecture was interesting. It’s not particularly the end of the Digital Media sector that I want to get involved with. I’m sure there is more to the company than what was said in this lecture. This company seem to be involved heavily with getting statistics for their products to be successful. Adding names of artists and the song name and having the text scroll across the screen to say hello to the person who’s stood beside you isn’t for me. I don’t really think that I got anything from this lecture but I enjoyed listening to what it is they do. At least I know now what that part of the industry is about. I’m not too hot on the pressuring/border line bullying people into buying products.

‘Till the next time…